Circulation of ideas and aesthetics in the Mediterranean: translating knowledge

In the frame of Translating in Mediterranean project, Transeuropéennes and the Festival d’Avignon organized, with the See Foundation based in Cairo, a workshop that will be held on 19th Saturday  and 20th Sunday of July 2014, entitled "The Circulation of ideas and aesthetic in the Mediterranean: translating knowledge ". The workshop will result in a public audience at the Site Louis Pasteur in the University of Avignon, on Sunday 20th, at 3pm. This discussion-meeting is a part of the program of the Festival d’Avignon 2014. More information

Mapping of translation: conclusions and recommendations

This spring 2012, Transeuropéennes and the Anna Lindh Foundation publish an unprecedented document, the Mapping of translation in the Euro-Mediterranean (in French, English and Arabic). It clarifies the crucial role of the translation of knowledge in human and social sciences, literature and theatre in the development of an interculturality, whilst bringing to light the numerous difficulties that it poses in economic, cultural and political terms.

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Transeuropéennes has been developing a reflection on translation for many years. This issue proposes a series of texts organized along a twofold movement. Firstly, that of opening up translation as reversion and passage, capable of looking between the dominant representations, normative productions and logics of partition. Secondly, that of working on translation in the melting pot of differences between languages, always questioning the untranslatabilities and constructions of language itself. At the philosophical and political focus of the debate, expressing the universal does not relate to universality as such, but to translation.

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Transeuropéennes' archives

The circulation of ideas, knowledge, the role of human and social sciences in the democratization process have always been at the heart of Transeuropéennes' concerns. It is in that sense that the programm « democratization and knowledge » in South-Eastern Europe worked from 1994 to 2004...